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Light Up the Night
by The Brothers Johnson
Earlier today I saw that it's now #lightweek and this song immediately came to mind. I've already commented somewhere on here that "The Brothers Johnson" is my favorite low-key double entendre band name, but damn if they aren't going all obvious with the dick joke on the album cover.

Just like yesterday's jam 1) this was produced by Quincy Jones and 2) this was not the "hit" on the album. That would be the timeless song "Stomp!"

This was the #5 album in the US top-200 albums chart for the calendar year of 1980. If Carter was still in the White House when your album was released, I think it merits a #discointheseventies tag.

1980 - A&M Records - United States - From the album "Light Up the Night"
Posted: 29th January 2019
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