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Saving My Heart
by Yes

The uploader of this video to YouTube classified this as "Oldies Goldies" but I think some Yes fans and prog fans in general would say that this is neither old nor gold. By 1991, Yes was a deeply fractured band caught between its prog roots in the John Anderson wing of Yes, and the 1980s pop sound evangelized by the Trevor Rabin wing of Yes. In the mid-80s Anderson had gone off and formed Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe to continue the prog portion of Yes, and this album - called "Union" - was supposed to reunite the warring factions of Yes on a new record label. It was a good concept, but in practice the artists could not get along, re-recording over each others bits on the album. Eventually an uneven peace was reached. The song credits read more like a baseball scorecard, with certain artists only appearing on a group of tracks, and other artists only appearing on the remaining tracks - and a majority of them have gone on to say they hated the finished product. Instead of being a true union, it more resembles two separate half-albums of work released under one cover.

I appreciate Yes' classic prog peak in the 70s, but consider myself a member of the Rabin wing - his songs for Union include the minor hit "Lift Me Up" and this song, which in my mind are the two standouts from an otherwise pretty forgettable album. I respect those who consider Rabin responsible for the bastardization of Yes' sound, much in the way Genesis fans consider the band to have ended when Peter Gabriel or Steve Hackett left in the mid-70s - the Phil Collins' led pop albums that followed* aren't true Genesis to them. I simply like these bands' pop sounds as well.

* No Genesis fan of any color talks about "Calling All Stations" and the Ray Wilson period. In fact, if someone deleted it from the Wikipedia page right now, in a few years I wouldn't even be sure it really happened.
1991 - Arista Records - United Kingdom - From the album "Union"
Posted: 15th February 2018
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