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The Sun
by Portugal. The Man
#SundaySoother yes indeed.
I wanted a tune today to represent the band and there are so many songs to choose from because this outfit has been at it for years! Also, a Jam that represents the sacredness of the day for that's what Sunday is to me. I don't go to church mind you (unless I'm touristing) but that's not what is interesting or important to me, about Sunday. I f*cking LOVE Sundays man...time to pause, reflect and reset. It is always #SacredSunday. It's my fucking honor and today is no exception. Anyway...I digress...

So I'm visiting Portland and everybody fuckin' knows we do a few things right in this (mostly) fair city: summertime, food (all), food trucks (cheap/mostly good), brunch, bars, lax nudity and liquor laws (AKA strip clubs), craft beer, craft cider, wine, coffee, Portlandia, hipsterism, weirdness, liberals, naked bike rides, marijuana dispensaries, live music, art and lots of counter culture, rain, more trees/rivers & mountains than you could shake a stick at, hiking, beautiful scenery and tons of cool shit to do outside and inside for the other 9 months, gentrification/neighborhood demolition (sad face) & redevelopment at a rapid pace along with skyrocketing rents (see previous for all the reasons why). As a friend just said to me the other day "that's what happens in places where people like living" but seriously folks, don't move here, it's a terrible place to live....and we do Portugal. The Man. Well to put it more accurately, they do Us. They are the self-proclaimed Lords of Portland. They rock. They roll. They falsetto.

So it is this Friday night and I'm on my own and I really want to see this band, BUT I'm staring at a Sold Out sign in front of the Doug Fir lounge that I knew was sold out before I decided to try my luck and being that it's a small/awesome venue (a band favorite, I learned) I'm skeptical about my chances and it's not looking good so far. I've just taken a $15 Lyft to get here (parking's a bitch) and there is something like crickets at the door -maybe one or two people here and there but nobody's holding....that's just when my Knight In Shining Armor arrives to save the day!!!.....I glance towards a moving figure that is aheadtallerthaneveryone, this middle aged man a few years' my senior with a smile on his face and he's like making a beeline straight for me....My heart races in anticipation when he casually says "How you doin'?" I reply, "I'm fine! But I need a ticket." to which he says, "It's your lucky day." and hands me a ticket. So I say wow, really? Seriously, I'm happy to pay you for it, he says nah just buy me a glass of Pinot Noir before the show. What, how awesome is this?! He says yeah my buddy got stung by a bee today and didn't know he was allergic and had to go to the hospital and there was no way he could come tonight. We exchanged first names. I go inside so I do, find him at the bar and then after one, we say goodbye and I'm in the show...about 4 rows from the front. I catch the last 2 songs by an up and coming local Hip Hop artist called The Last Artful, Dodgr check her out here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Last_Artful,_Dodgr...she's pretty good from what I saw....and by the time the main event started the edible is just starting to kick in along with the one bourbon I had as my benefactor sipped his while we exchanged life stories for all of the 15 minutes that we knew each other.

I watched this fucking great live band Portugal. The Man. If you haven't heard the groovy single "Feel It Now" you really should just do it here:

After the show, I'm a little tired and happy but don't feel like drinking so I take one long turn around the place to see if my tall KISA is about, but he's already hit the trail...so I do the same.
2009 - Defiance Records
Posted: 23rd July 2017
"everything is borrowed" ~Mike Skinner
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