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Shelter me
by Buddy miller
Don't believe there is much overlap between my gjb peeps and other social media, so I am sharing this with you all, because I feel like you're my friends and that you all are a community that I belong to and treasure


Early Saturday morning, an awful thing happened. A fire tore through our home, and in less than two hours the house had burned to the ground and everything we owned was gone.

That was. Is. Brutal. But there was also a wonderful, nearly miraculous aspect to what happened. Everyone in our family escaped and is in good health. Theo and I both inhaled a fair bit of smoke and are recovering slowly but steadily. I still get a gurgle from the lungs when I lie down, and Theo is hoarse, but in the panicked early minutes of the fire, our all coming out fine, or even all alive, seemed unlikely ... But here we are...

Our puppy Tito survived, as did the three cats and the horse, but I must say a word of tribute to our two older dogs, Elbe and Gracie, whose frantic barking awakened us just as we were all falling asleep, and was perhaps the most important single thing that saved our lives. They have not turned up, and while we are hoping for yet another miracle, it seems likely Elbe and Gracie gave their lives for ours.

There is no way to sugarcoat losing your house and all of your possessions, and yet the eruption of love and support from our friends and family has gone a long way towards making our dominant emotion not sorrow but gratitude--at having lived through that, and to be living among such people.

One wishes it didn't take a catastrophe to show how deeply you are loved and valued, but here we are...

Our friend Laura has set up a GoFundMe. Here is the link..


I hasten to add that in spite of the title of this song, we or not in any way deprived of shelter. Heather's mother lives alone in a very large house and that is where we live now. Future challenges are what they are and will be considerable but for the momente we are quite comfortable there, and very happy being alive together.
Posted: 9th July 2019
Tim Ungs
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