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Make Over
by Christina Aguilera
2002 seems like such a long time ago! The difference between then and now is like, wow, 17 years! The gap between the end of WWII and the freakin' Beatles!!!

Times have changed, and the contemporary criticisms (of which there were many, and quite harsh) of "Stripped" (the album containing this song, which was NOT a single!) seem a bit dim, and prudish, now?

Anyway, I have always secretly loved a good few of the songs on "Stripped" including this one of course, which was posted on here a few years back by Mr. @ErnieBilko , and I was lucky to find a copy at the local Goodwill.

Apparently, this song is quite similar to "Overload" by Sugarbabes, to the extent that the producers shared songwriting credit with Xtina and the great Linda Perry. Not familiar with that one, have a feeling @desmondbullen and @Astromonkey will have opinions....

Posted: 24th September 2019
Tim Ungs
Countrypolitan, ex-cosmopolitan (NYC, London, Sydney, Minneapolis). Currently obsessing over pop jazz vocalists like June Christy, Billie Holiday, Ella, Hoagie, Satch, Anita O'Day and kinda going through a major Peggy Lee phase. Also stan for current pop divas like Charli, Rosalia, Kesha, and Sky; and will never lose my love for country roots Charlie Rich, Merle, Milton Brown!!
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