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Keep me in mind
by Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman
I was all set to share a bunch of other tunes tonight, but then this one came up on my Spotify daily mix and it's a Peggy and Benny jam I don't think was on either of the anthologies that I already own.

And it's amazing. That was such a strange and fruitful partnership, and, to a jazz novice such as I, seems fairly unique. I don't think big band leaders thought a lot about whatever their girl singer could contribute to the musical besides just the vocals. Peggy was bursting with ideas from the get go.

Posted: 16th October 2019
Tim Ungs
Countrypolitan, ex-cosmopolitan (NYC, London, Sydney, Minneapolis). Currently obsessing over pop jazz vocalists like June Christy, Billie Holiday, Ella, Hoagie, Satch, Anita O'Day and kinda going through a major Peggy Lee phase. Also stan for current pop divas like Charli, Rosalia, Kesha, and Sky; and will never lose my love for country roots Charlie Rich, Merle, Milton Brown!!
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