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There's another Pitchfork Best Songs of the 80s thing out, and I scroll through mouth agape at the sheer wild variety of music that came out in the Reagan Age. Making a list of all those impossible to compare apples and oranges seems a bit silly but hey, it gets people talking.

My home town was represented big-time on that list, topped by Rogers Nelson himself. Also appearing: Hüsker Dü, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (by way of their work with Janet Jackson) ... and these guys.

Fair point made by the "Let It Be" reviewer: this song, in its acknowledgement and embrace of non-binary kids, is somewhere around 30 years ahead of its time....

"But what’s most striking about Let It Be is how such a bleary-eyed album now sounds so presciently woke, with Westerberg finding common, disaffected ground alongside gender-fluid outsiders (“Androgynous”) and sexually confused teens (“Sixteen Blue”) at a time when such topics lay far outside the usual boys-in-da-band vernacular."

Kewpie dolls and urine stalls
will be laughed at
the way they're laughed at now

Posted: 12th September 2018
Tim Ungs
Countrypolitan, ex-cosmopolitan (NYC, London, Sydney, Minneapolis). Tastes broad, bordering on random. Pop music is good. Can get a little funny about Merle Haggard, Ronnie Lane, and Roger Miller.
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