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Dark night
by Mark Bernes
#WWIISongs #WWIIWeek

Dark night, only bullets are whistling in the steppe,
Only the wind hums in the wires, dim stars twinkle .
In the dark night you, my darling, I know you do not sleep,
And at the baby crib, you secretly wipe away a tear.

How I love the depth of your gentle eyes,
How do I want to press my lips on them.
Dark night divides us, love,
And a disturbing black steppe lies between us.

I believe in you, my dearest friend,
This belief protects me from the dark night.
Glad I am, calm in the mortal combat,
I know, you meet with my love, no matter what will happen with me.

Death is not terrible, it is the time we met in the desert,
Now I understand, you will wait for me.
You're waiting for me and don't sleep in the cradle,
And so, I know, with me nothing will happen!

And a little bonus from the movie "Shield and Sword": With what homeland starts...
1943 - Russia - From the movie "Two Soldiers" (Два бойца )
Posted: 6th October 2016
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