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Clube Da Esquina, No. 2
by Milton Nascimento & Lo Borges
Summer's here and as always I'm not ready, I feel a little too cold inside. I'm going to try and catch up with it as much as I can, with a few #summervibes

This I discovered last year when I was educating myself in brazilian music (the summer before it was the turn of jamaican music. Both those courses are not finished yet). Music is still important to me as has always been since I was 15, but sadly as I get older and crankier less and less i find myself to be deeply touched by some piece of music. But this particular piece of music I found has the surprising power of filling me up with childish wonder, longing and the warmth of the sun in Southamerica.

Clube da Esquina means simply "Club on the corner" and apart from being the title of the album it was also the name of a musical collective created by Milton and Lo in their hometown of Belo Horizonte in the southwestern state of Minas Gerais. The whole record is a masterpiece, with influences going from samba to contemporary pop/rock (the Beatles especially as you can hear mostly hear in the numbers composed and sung by Lo Borges) to folk music, even coming from states nearby, Uruguay and so on (the more freeform pieces performed here by Milton Nascimento). Everything sounds incredibly fresh and lively. But this one i find to be of another place altogether. The only comparable music i can think of, in terms of being able to put you in a different state of being, is Van Morrison's Astral Weeks. Maybe I'm just rambling, anyway now i will dive in and hope to be reborn
1972 - Odeon
Posted: 26th June 2019
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